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As consumer habits evolve, major shopping precincts are undergoing substantial changes and renovations to meet the new needs of their customers. 
Visual Unity collaborates with major stakeholders in this sector to deliver branding and graphic design solutions that are relevant to the precincts and communities that use them. The projects below showcase examples of shopping precinct branding, brand application and graphic design for Perth’s enex100, Sydney’s Southgate Shopping Centre and Melbourne Central.

enex100 identity brand design for new shopping centre in Perth WA
enex100 poster and banner design for shopping precinct australia

Enex100 brings a new level of retail style to Perth’s CBD incorporating an engaging mix of fashion, entertainment and dining. ISPT engaged Visual Unity to refine and finalise the enex100 identity system and apply it cohesively across the business. This included the development and design of custom entry signage, leasing collateral, initial website design and wayfinding over three floors of retail and the dining precinct.

enex100 style guide and brand guidelines document.
Environmental Graphics for entry of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre.

Visual Unity designed an entry statement installation for the dining and entertainment precinct of GPT’s Melbourne Central Shopping Centre. The Swanston and LaTrobe Street entrance required a large format illustrative installation to reflect and complement the amazing ‘pixelated’ tree sculpture by ARM Architecture.

The outcome was a hand drawn botanical and typography illustration which was laser etched onto ply panels. Due to output constraints with the laser etch process, a multi sized tile configuration was developed to complement the technique and space available.

Detail of large format illustrative design and typography at Melbourne Central Shopping Precinct
Identity design and exterior wayfinding signage for car park at shopping centre.

Visual Unity worked with ISPT designed the Southgate Shopping Centre identity which included the development and design of a cohesive visual system. This system was applied across many facets of the precinct including entry signage, marketing collateral and interior and exterior wayfinding signage.

Composed of specialty retail, mini-majors and majors, ISPT’s Southgate has always been a strong sub regional centre. Like many regional centres though it was due for a visual update inline with the architectural re development that was underway on the building. Working with ISPT, Visual Unity resolved the identity system inclusive of iconography, typefaces and colour palettes which were then applied to brand collateral. A comprehensive signage system was also rolled out across all interior and wayfinding signage.

Wayfinding system for shopping centre lifts and car park
Brand style guide for shopping centre identity and wayfinding for travelators at shopping centre,


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