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Who we are


 Welcome to
Visual Unity

We’re a creative studio with a background in traditional graphic design, but now several decades of experience in strategic approaches to visual communication, including branding and strategy to support business specific objectives.

Our clients include small businesses and large nationals, and we’ve developed a particular expertise in branding, strategy and print design for a variety of retailers, hospitality and large-scale commercial precincts.

We encourage you to explore our extensive portfolio, and get in touch for your next project. We love working with clients to discover (or rediscover) why they’re actually in business, what drives them to succeed, and what we can do to support this.

Who we
work with

Our diverse clients share a common vision to offer consistent, clever branding, and think or rethink their strategy to be the best they can be:

∞ Independent retailers
Shopping centre managers
Retail design managers
National franchises
Entrepreneurs and start-ups
 Established brands
Inquisitive and passionate businesses

How will your story unfold?

Visual Unity

Branding, strategy and retail, publications and environmental graphic design in Melbourne since 2001.