Give your customers a visual feast with restaurant menu design

Nothing ruins an appetite like poor presentation. Hospitality menus are the first visual contact your customer has with your food. Restaurant and cafe menu design is imperative for creating an enticing entrée into what you offer in terms of food, ingredients, and experience.


A restaurant menu designer is a specialised form of graphic design that communicates your brand at the decision-making phase. They can create a visually stunning, informative, and appealing restaurant or cafe menu for your patron.


Ready to show your diners the best in menu design? Our professional menu designers know what it takes to make it tasteful.

restaurant menu designer

Why choose our design studio?


Our restaurant menu designers will learn what makes your establishment special and communicate it through visuals.


We have created beautiful work as cafe menu designers, restaurant menu designers, even takeaway menu designers.


We undertake menu design services with the help of a network of allied creative professionals and tradespeople.


Menu designs we have created

Take a seat and enjoy some of the magnificent menus we have designed for hospitality ventures just like yours.

Let's work together to design a beautiful menu that speaks to the quality of your establishment

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Get in touch with a professional restaurant menu designer to give your customers something to savour.

About Visual Unity

Visual Unity is a full-service creative studio that offers restaurant menu design services to all kinds of hospitality establishments around Victoria. From neighbourhood cafes to Michelin Star fine dining experiences, we know what it takes to create stunning menus that offer diners a cursory glance at what’s to come.