Show your customers the way with help from expert way finding consultants

As the world grows complex, your business has a great opportunity to show people the way.

A wayfinding designer does just that. They take a creative approach to leading customers through the physical environment with signs, signals, maps, and directions.

Wayfinding and signage don’t have to be boring. They can speak to your brand and provide iconography and mapping with stunning environmental graphics. A signage graphic designer can tell a story that both leads and resonates. Signage that can be remembered.


Ready to lead the way? What you need is a wayfinding strategy.

Here's how our wayfinding consultants can help.


Our wayfinding consultants will work with you to understand your business and create unique branded environments..


As professional signage graphic designers, we have worked with businesses in all kinds of industries, from retail to hospitality.


We undertake wayfinding strategies and signage design with the help of an allied network of like-minded creatives and trades.

Wayfinding systems we have created

Take a look at some of the iconic environmental graphics that our wayfinding consultants have designed.

Let's work together to create a clear way forward for you and your customers.


Ready to show them the way?

Get in touch with a signage graphic designer to create an easier customer journey in the real world.

About Visual Unity

Visual Unity is a full service creative studio that offers wayfinding and placemaking services around Victoria. Our signage graphic designers have years of experience working with businesses to create stunning architectural graphics and environmental graphics. If your business needs an expert wayfinding consultant, look no further.