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Creative Strategies for your Business Objectives

Brand Development, Traditional Print Design, Design for Environment and Retail Graphic Design.


Great Design – A Foundation of Great Business.


As graphic design specialists we focus on bridging our clients business objectives with strong creative strategies.

Our graphic design studio is located 11km’s from Melbourne’s CBD and specialises in brand strategy and development, traditional print design and graphics for the built environment for retail and hospitality.

 We’ve been passionate about strategic graphic design since 2001 and we are proud to offer our clients 17+ years genuine design experience. Take a browse through our design portfolio and you’ll discover a broad range of clients and industries.


We like to keep it simple.

Retail is becoming more complex. With peoples interests and choices becoming broader, the reality is that each consumer is very different to the next. We can help you define your business, your reason for being and your point of difference.

Our strengths lie in working with you to define your business voice or to rediscover the reason that led you to start your business. Working together we can assist you in putting together a strategy that communicates this reasoning, clarifies your point of difference and uses an unforced, honest approach to connect with your customer.

Who we’ve worked with

Graphic design studio melbourne who's design clients include shopping centres and independent retailers.

How will your story unfold?

 Visual Unity

Branding and strategy, plus publications, retail and environmental graphic design in Melbourne since 2001